Black Rose Oldies Thursday Club

  The Thursday Club was a group of Black Rose Oldies (average age over 70) who met up on a Thursday at Bernies Cafe in Ingleton at 10am and went for a walk in the Yorkshire Dales. We also took video footage so that armchair Oldies could enjoy our days out and stay in touch. We were not experts at anything, rather just the wise old men of the hills, out without their nurses, having fun.

        The Last of the Summer Wine  

Pete Cumpsty looking at Ingleborough from Thornton in Lonsdale - photo Ged Dodd


Photos at Oldies Christmas and Reunion Dinners

  Jan  2002 Photos of !st Reunion dinner Marton Arms

29-03-2003 Photos of Reunion dinner Marton Arms

03-04-2004 Photos of Reunion dinner Marton Arms

16-04-2005 Photos of Reunion dinner Wheatsheaf

25-03-2006 Photos of Reunion dinner Wheatsheaf

24-03-2007 Photos of Reunion dinner Wheatsheaf

08-03-2008 Photos of dinner at the Wheatsheaf

09-07-2008 Photos of dinner at the Craven Heifer

13-12-2008 Photos of the Christmas Dinner

  Videos of our walks 2010 -2011 in the Yorkshire Dales just click on a link

07-10-2010 Johnnie Seaton Special

07-10-2010 Black Rose Dinner

24-10-2010 Black Rose Dinner with Sooty

28-10-2010 Ireby Cavern and Marble Steps Area

   Dec 2010 Christmas Dinner at Masons Arms

04-11-2010 A Wet Thursday at Yordas Cave 1

04-11-2010 A Wet Thursday at Yordas Cave 2

04-11-2010 A Wet Thursday at Yordas Cave 3

10-11-2010 Ling Ghyll and God's Bridge Cave

18-11-2010 Stainforth - Catrigg Foss Waterfall

18-11-2010 Stainforth - Hoffman Kilns at Arncliffe

25-11-2010 Great Douk Cave - 50 years on

21-11-2010 Black Rose Dinner Marton Arms

25-11-2010 Weathercotes Cave - 50 years on

02-12-2010 Great Douk Cave in Winter Snow

09-12-2010 Ingleton Waterfalls in Winter Snow

16-12-2010 Alum Pot Area in Winter Snow

29-12-2010 Christmas Dinner snowed in

30-12-2010 Borrins Moor  Area

06-01-2011 Thorns Hamlet and Ribblehead Viaduct

08-01-2011 Photos from Pete's Steam Camera 2010

13-01-2011 Sell Gill Holes and Beyond

16-01-2011 Sell Gill with Black Rose Caving

20-01-2011 Clapham to Long Scar

20-01-2011 Long Scar to Norber Erratics

27-01-2011 Roman Marching Camp

03-02-2011 Attamire Scar

03-02-2011 Craven Heifer Booze Up

03-02-2011 Johnnie does a Card Trick at the Booze up

03-02-2011 Who has the smallest one at the Booze up?

03-02-2011 Even more ramblings at the Booze up

04-02-2011 Austwick and Wharfe Villages

05-02-2011 Black Rose Dinner with Sooty

10-02-2011 A Walk up Leck Beck Valley

13-02-2011 Frank Squirrel Scar End

17-02-2011 A Trek up Fountains Fell in the snow

24-02-2011 Dent and Arten Gill Viaducts

03-03-2011 Storrs Common and Lead Mines Moss

10-03-2011 Littledale and Blea Moor Tunnel

17-03-2011 West Kingsdale and Toadint Hole

24-03-2011 We return to Yordas Cave

24-03-2011 Walking the Turbury Road

27-03-2011 Black Rose Dinner at Masons Arms

31-03-2011 Walking Jenkins Beck

07-04-2011 Ingleborough Cave with Bob Jarman

07-04-2011 Ingleborough Cave revisited after 55 years

07-04-2011 Ingleborough Cave to Gaping Ghyll Hole

05-04-2011 Nature Trail to Clapham Cave

14-04-2011 Ingleton Waterfalls Walk to Swilla Glen

22-04-2011 Cowan Bridge to Over Burrow

28-04-2011 Ingleborough Hill

04-05-2011 Viking Settlement on Ingleborough

13-05-2011 Malham Moor and Janet's Foss

14-05-2011 Black Rose Dinner

26-05-2011 Thornton Force Waterfall

02-06-2011 Chapel-le-Dale and Back - well almost

09-06-2011 Penyghent Hill Ramble

23-06-2011 Pliska Museum Walk in Bulgaria

30-06-2011 Madara Sanctuary in Bulgaria

07-07-2011 Horton in Ribblesdale Wash Out

07-07-2011 Braithwaite Wife Hole

08-07-2011 Tales from the Dark Side

09-07-2011 Dinner at the Masons

18-08-2011 Ribblehead to Twistleton

31-08-2011 Around Thornton in Lonsdale 

15-09-2011 Bull Pot Farm and Ease Ghyll Area

17-09-2011 Return to Sweet Gap Iron Mine

24-08-2012 Black Rose Dinner

31-08-2012 A Long Walk in Limestone Country

19-12-2012 PeaceHavens 2012 movie clips

01-10-2013 The Money Dragon on Ingleton waterfalls

01-10-2013 Hoffman Lime Kilns at Stainforth

01-10-2013 Keighley and Worth Valley Light Railway

11-02-2013 Yordas Cave without our nurses

13-02-2013 The Last of the Summer Wine go Caving


Anyone who actually wants to go caving in the UK should contact

 Duncan Jones

Black Rose Caving Club