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Ex-directory Index


 * symbol on hemp seals

 4 symbol on cloth seals

 1831 CПБ CTЛ.3

 1831 SPB S.3

 1853 Hurricane

 A,B,C letter date Customs Tax

 Aberlady Bay Scotland

 Aberdeen Museum and District

 Aberdeen. Saskatchewan, Canada

 Abolitionist Movement  

 Adel Beck Flax Mills

 Agent names list

 Aked's High Mill

 Alexey Lokalov, Gavrilov Yam

 American Depression 1837 - 1844
 Anchor Crescent Symbols

 Annular Bronze Brooch

 Arbroath - Scotland

 Archangel Port

 Archangel, Archangelsk Distillary

 Archangel, VLED owners

 Archangel, John Sullivan's book

 Ardamatzky (Ardamazki)

 Bacharov S.3

 Bale sizes and weights

 Baltic Cross Seals


 Bar separators


 Belaying Pin symbol

 Belfast - Northern Ireland

 Bentham bleaching tags

 Bentham High Mill

 Bentham Low Mill


 Bilton Mill - Nidderdale

 Black Balsam

 Black Death

 Bleaching Tags, Bentham/Menston


 Bramley Head

 Breaks Fold Farm Camping

 Brechin - Scotland

 Bridport - West Dorset

 Brightwater Flax Mill

 Broadfield Mill - Aberdeen


 Bulgarian Customs IDS 2132

 Bustard (Great), Breaks House

 Caduceus and Hermes

 Canadian Fur Seals


 Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland

 Catherine Mill Whitehaven

 Chester and Cheshire

 Circular Dated Seals

 Cloth Bale Clamps  

 Cog, Cogge


 Crediton in Devon

 Crescents Stars and *T*'s

 Crimping Tools & Symbols

 Christian Symbols - fish keys

 Continental Ports and Towns
 Croft House Flax Mill
 Cromarty - Scotland

 Cronstadt - SPB sea port

 Crossed Anchor and Grapnel

 Crossleys of Cleckheaton

 CПБ CTЛ.3 1831

 Cumberland Barracks Mill

 Cupar - NE Fife

 Custom Tax Seals

 Cyrillic Alphabet

 Dacre Banks - Nidderdale


 Darley Flour Mill

 Dauber Gill Beck

 Denbigh, North Wales

 Dice numbers through the ages

 Dorpat Hanseatic League

 Double Balsam

 Dockside Inspectors

 Dundee - Scotland

 Dunilovo Trading Block

 Dunkirk - flax exports

 Dutch Custom Seals


 Easingwold Seals

 East Gate House, Low Mill

 Ebling (Eblag) in Poland



 Email - Ged Dodd


 End of Baltic Seals

 End of Baltic Seals - additional

 English Fishmongers Company

 English Ports and Towns


 Eye Customs Seals

 FaceBook - PeaceHavens

 Fairburn Lawson water wheel

 Fairport (name for Arbroath)

 Falkirk Museum
 Farnham Museum

 Fell Beck Mill
 Frederick Atkinson rope maker

 Fife Seals by John Sullivan

 First linen factory 1742

 Fish Market

 Fishmonger's Company

 Flax growing regions

 Flax Ship voyagers to Baltic

 Flax Trade Facts

 Flax/Fur Trade Villages

 Folly Gill Twine Mill

 Foster Beck Twine Mill

 Francis Thorpe - New York

 Fringill Mill

 Fur Seals

 G.Landrin St Petersburg

 Galeas & Galliots - Ships

 Gate Inn & Smithy, Low Mill

 Gateside in Fife

 Gavle in Sweden

 Gavrilov Yam, Yaroslavl

 Ged's Rules for Hemp Seal

 Gigging hemp and flax

 Gill Family - New York

 Glasshouses - Nidderdale

 Goit - Mill Race

 Gold Coin Weight

 Goritsy Trading Block

 Gostorg State Trading Agency

 Gourdon, Scotland

 Grading of flax

 Grading of flax by port letter

 Great Plague of London

 Greendyke Mill, Egremont


 Gressenhall Museum

 Grower list 

 Guano Seals- Icelandic

 Guano Seals - Star of David

 Hands of Friendship Seals

 Hans Ellefsen from Vestfold

 Hanseatic League

 Harrogate and District


 Hemp Seals - all kinds

 Hemp & Flax Port Inspector

 Helmsley Seals

 High flax mill, Egremont

 High House Brightwater Mill

 Hills and Whishaw

 HMS Victory

 Hollin Hill House Mill

 Huckaback roller towelling

 Hull import trade

 Icelandic Potash Seals

 Trading Block

 Identification Service

 Index home page

 Inland Trading Block

 Inverbervie, Scotland

 Inverness, Scotland


 Irkutsk see Kyakhta

 Isle of Man

 James II bronze gun money

 Jews in the Flax Trade

 John Hughes - Yuzovka

 John Marshall

 John Sullivan Article on Fife

 J.T. & W. Hornby  

 Ю T - State Customs Tax


 Kamchatka fur trade

 Kildin. White Sea, fur trade


 Kirkcaldy in Scotland

 Kinghorn Mills

 Kirkham in Lancashire




 Knox mill - Smelthouses

 Korelev StPB

 Kosher seals - Jewish


 Kronstadt - SPB sea port

 Kyakhta, trading town

 Lancaster Maritime Mus


 Largo, Fife

 Leubeck Harbour

 Letter grading of flax

 Libau - Leipaja

 Ligatures & Monograms

 Little Mill - Smelthouses

 Little Patrick Mill

 Liverpool Docks, Castle

 Livonian Order

 Lokalov of Great Yaroslavl

 Loss of faith in Baltic Seals

 Lost Village of West End


 Low Hemp Mill, West End

 Low Mill, Egremont

 Lowther Linen Factory

 Lubeck - Hanseatic League
 Magnifying Linen Counter

 Making a donation

 Malton and Norton

 Map of seal finds


 Matthew Murray

 McManus Galleries Dundee

 Meaning of Abbreviations


 Menston Bleaching Tags

 Menwith Hill

 Metcalfes of  Castlestead

 Methil, Scotland

 Methodist Chapel, Low Mill

 Mold, North Wales

 Montrose - Scotland

 Moscow Poly Exhibition

 Moscow Tax Custom Seals

 Names - detailed

 Napoleonic War


 Narva Tax

 New Bridge Mill

 New York Mill - Nidderdale

 Nizhny Novgorod


 North East Fife - Scotland

 Northern Ireland

 Novgored, Novgorod

 Novogorodstov 1831 CTЛ.3

 Numbers Only Seals

 Oblast - Admin Division

 Obertsolnery, Chief Customs

 Okhotsk Peninsula furs

 Osnaburg cloth

 Otpravka Shipment

 Otrasl - Department

 Otrasl Tovar - Dept. Goods

 Oudewater, Netherlands

 Paired Inspectors

 Paisley with Johnstone mill

 Pavlov Star Seals

 Penka (PEN) hemp
 Penka (SPB) hemp





 PiLPD Seals

 Piracy and Warfare


 Portuguese Coin Weight

 Post numbers - flax or hemp

 Post Office Seals




 Quayside in Medieval Times


 Railway Seals

 Regten en Accynsen

 Rein (Rhine) Hemp R:H

 Retting Tank - Hollin House

 Retting, Water, Dew, River 

 Reval, Revel, Tallinn

 Riga - Black Balsam

 Riga - + City Keys

 Riga - History

 Riga - German influence

 Riga - Letter grading system

 Riga - Tax seals

 Russian State Arms Seals

 Ruthin, North Wales


 Rybnaya Sloboda


 Samuel Gratton, Woodfield


 Scotland Mill - Adel, Leeds

 Scottish Ports and Towns

 Scotton Flax Mill


 Seal finds map

 Ships - Galeas & Galliots


 Silver Hammered Coins

 Silverburn flax mill

 Sir Edward Dymoke, James II

 Sklad - depot warehouse


 Sort 1 2 3


 Spindle Whorls

 Spinning Wheels


 St George's Quay

 St Petersburg City Arms

 St Petersburg Seals

 Stanley Mill, Perth

 Star of David

 Stars, Crescents and *T*'s

 Stritsky Brewery in Riga

 Stroganov Furs

 Stone weight

 Swedish Customs Seals

 Symbols - miscellaneous
 Syrtsovaya is natural flax
*T*symbols on seals

 Tallinn, Reval


 Tax Collection Centre SPB

 Tax Custom Seals

 Tea seals see Kyakhta

 Terms for flax and hemp

 Thames Foreshore

 Thomas Gill & Sons

 Three Twelve Coin Weight


 Tilstock, Shropshire

 Todds of Summerbridge

 Topsham Hemp Trade



 Trade Tokens


 Usan flax mill, Montrose


 Vanyukovs of Soltsy

 Ventspils (Windau)

 Video history

 Village Seals



 V.LED owner


 VV (W) Symbols


 War Department Seals


 Wass Seals

 Watermill Inn - Foster Beck

 Wath Flax Mill

 West End Bridge, Low Mill

 West End Hemp Mills

 West House Mill

 Wheel Cranes

 Whinny Hill Seal field

 White Star Line - Titanic

 William Hebden - New York

 Windau (Ventspils)

 Woodfield Flax Mill - Nidd

 Yakutsk Fur trade


 York Street Mills - Belfast

 Yuzovka. Donetsk

 Zyrardow, Poland


 Inspector Name List

 Post Number List

 Owner/Grower/Agent Lists

 Dictionary (of all sorts)

 New Modern Russian Names



The Free Identification Pages


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