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Folly Ghyll Mill

Folly Ghyll Twine Mill - Links


  The purpose of this page. Some two hundred years ago thousands of flax bales from Russia, each with a seal attached, were imported via Hull and were transported by horse and cart to the Northern Flax Mills . This collection shows the fifth seal site find, Folly Ghyll, and then lots of hunts and areas that were not successful, but may be when you have a look see.

  These links are a step by step explanation of the seals in the PeaceHavens Collection which helped  rewrite the books on Russian Flax Bale Seals.


 Folly Ghyll Mill and Beyond.

 01  PeaceHavens Project - the beginning *
 02  Folly - History of Folly Ghyll Twine Mill *
 03  Folly - Video History of seal finds at Folly Ghyll Twine Mill *
 04  Folly - Database of inspectors and post numbers.*
 05  Folly - Crosslet and Crossed Keys Seals.*
 06  Folly - Archangel Seals.*
 07  Folly - Normal Standard Seals - Pre 1829.*
    * Checked


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