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  The purpose of this page. Croft House Flax Mill is just up the valley from High Aked Mill but best approached by road from the opposite direction along Bramley Head Lane. All the fields around this mill have been done by Ged Dodd with no seals being found. They should be there. The mill closed before 1835 but should have had the same access to flax bales as all the other West End Mills. The information here may enable some other searcher to locate the lost seals.


Croft House Flax Mill at Bramley Head.

 Please ask permission at the house and shut all gates.


Ged did all the fields but flax seals like to hide.


Lots of the usual old farm finds but no seals found here


Video history concerning Croft House Flax Mill.



  searching elsewhere, 5 new mills, no new seals




  searching Thruscross village and reservoir




  unsuccessful search for new lead flax seal sites



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