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The PeaceHavens Project

Fringill Mill at

Menwith with Darley





  The purpose of this page. This mill fields have been searched by Ged Dodd with no seals being found. They should be there. He missed them. It is easy done. He walked through the minefield of Whinny Hill seal field in 2013 and found nothing. In 2014 he approached from the opposite direction and we now have 500 seals from that field.

  Fringill mill was originally built between 1822 and 1834 as a water-powered flax mill spinning heavy yarn for twine and rope making. In the late 1880s a corn mill was added to the complex. By 1985 when it ceased operations it was the only flax spinning mill in England. Cottages from the early and late 19th century are also present. These housed linen weavers and the mill owner. This mill was always water-powered by a waterwheel which is still under the building, and was fed from three dams which you can see if you walk a little further up the lane. Supplementary power was successively provided by a steam engine, a gas engine,  diesel engine and finally by an electric motor. This supplement was needed because the water supply was insufficient for more than four weeks work. The flax and corn mills at this site shared a power-source. Although the mill had a waterwheel the flow was not sufficient to power the mill permanently and so several additional means were added, including this electric motor. The mill was in service until 1985 and was converted into houses in 2009.





Another quirky find. A prize winning broom handle tag.


Video history around Fringill Mill



   no seals from Fingill .. mill ponds and silver




   no seals from Fingill Mill but nice silver florin



Lost "as new" 1941 Silver two Shillings indicating activity in World War 2






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