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  The purpose of this page. Darley Mill is just down the valley from Folly Ghyll Twine Mill . Some of the fields around this mill have been done by Ged Dodd with no seals being found. They should be there. The Brightwater flax mill produced no seals but I think I was doing the wrong side of the river, and the actual farm still needs to be done.  The info here may enable some other searcher to locate the lost seals.


Darley Flour Mill & Brightwater Flax Mill



  Darley Mill was built in the 17th century as a flour mill. A miller's cottage was added in 1761 and in 1874 a large water wheel, manufactured by Todds of Summerbridge was installed. This 27 foot diameter wheel stopped working in the 1950's and the mill carried on over the next 50 years as an animal feed store, a hire shop, a nursery garden and a retail outlet. In 2009 the wheel was restored so it could once again power the building, the new Darley Mill Centre. Teas have been served from the miller's cottage for more than a century, and the tradition continues today in the Centre's cafe. The mill is worth a visit to see the old machinery inside which has been kept in situ during renovation.

    Unfortunately the Centre is closed at present due to Covid 19

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Brightwater (High) Flax Mill

over the road from Darley Mill down by the river.


  Brightwater Mill was built in the 1770's and was a Bobbin Mill, and a Flax Mill before ending its life as a Paint Mill in 1951.  A wooden water wheel used water from a dam fed by Darley Beck. The dam is now filled in, The Mill was demolished and the present High House was built on the site.

 High House was built on the site of Brightwater Mill.


The Mill Orchard (one Victorian penny)


The dog training fields (nothing)


The lawn produced a bronze bearing from the old Mill


Video history concerning Brightwater (High) Flax Mill.



  High Mill is a washout - no new seals



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