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We go seal hunting for 200 year old Russian flax bale seals - not this cutie pie.


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This site is an ongoing project involving the daily finding and identification of Russian Lead Flax Bale Seals and Lead Trading Tokens from the disused Northern Flax Mills of Bentham Mills, West House Mill at Blubberhouses, the Little Patrick Mill and Aked's High Mill at West End, Folly Ghyll Mill in Thornthwaite, Brompton Mills, Penny Bridge Mill in Cumbria  and Kinghorn Mill in Fife, Scotland.   For many decades in the 18th & 19th centuries, Russia was by far the world's greatest exporter of flax and hemp  plants via the ports of Archangel, Konigsberg, Kronstadt, Libnau, Memel, Narva, Pernau, Reval, Riga, St Petersburg, Tilsit, Windau and Great Britain was Russia's major customer.


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    Prior to this project the oldest known readable dated seal was 1741 and is housed in the British Museum ... we have in our database seals dated 1737 and 1739 .. and about 5 times as many seals as were known prior to our establishment in 2013 .. approx 6800 seals .. and increasing daily ..

           Thank you for you interest .. Ged Dodd ..Project Director ..



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Doctor John Sullivan - Russian Cloth Seals in Britain, Oxford Books, 2012

Kate Heintz Watson - The Project Gutenberg E-Book of Textiles and Clothing.


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All flax bale seals are of interest to us .. all scans and seals gratefully accepted.