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 Typical Types of Russian Flax and Hemp Bale Seals


1806 - 1889

Baltic States

18th - 19th Century

Riga Cross Keys

18th - 19th Century

Arms Customs Seals

19th Century


1754 - 1828

(ДA = DA) WK Flax

(with WU) 1754 - 1828


1829 - 1850

 ЛД=LD  CПБ Flax

1829 - 1850

RH Rein Hemp

1737 - 1747


SP, SPB   1740 - 1828

 ПД=PD  CПБ Hemp

1829 - 1841


SPB, CПБ  1829 - 1841

Numbers Only Seals

Flax & Hemp 1747 - 1761

Paired Inspectors

Early 19th Century

Hills & Wishaw

Vologda Region 1860's

T, Star & Crescent

1770 - 1792

Circular Dated Seals

Russian Crosslet Seals

Pavlov Star

19th C.   St Petersburg

Hands of Friendship

19th C.   St Petersburg

Inland Trading Seal

18th/19th Century

Dutch Customs

18th/19th Century

Railroad Seals

19th Century

Soviet Gostorg

20th Century


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